The Introvert Guide to Networking (#18)

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The Introvert Guide to Networking (#18)

If you’re a business owner you’ve got to be outgoing, right?

Or if you’re even thinking about networking, then you must be an extrovert, right?


Both Brice and Mike consider themselves introverts yet still have found ways to harness the value of networking events in growing their businesses.

If you’re like most of the world and completely freeze up at the very thought of talking with strangers in a crowded room, then listen in. This episode will tell you some of the best tips that we’ve come across in to maximize the value of networking while minimizing the toll it takes on your stress level.

We’ll share some personal stories about networking events that we’ve been to, as well as how our small efforts quickly began compounding on themselves to eliminate the fear of attending these events at all.

In today’s episode you’ll hear the following:

  • What to do at your first networking event
  • How to figure out and set realistic goals for yourself when at events
  • When to quit a networking event
  • The step-by-step processes that we used in attending networking events

Our goal in this episode is that you will learn a few tips and then feel less intimidated when attending networking events in 2020!

Check out the show notes below to learn about introvert networking.


  • The value of showing up at networking events as an introvert   (2:46)
  • Network events are for hanging out and having conversation; not self-promotion   (6:21)
  • How to maintain reasonable expectations for networking events   (8:48)
  • Jumping at practical opportunities to serve networking events can be a huge growth tool   (14:31)
  • Knowing when to quit at a networking event   (19:57)
  • How to follow up on networking events to make them productive   (24:31)



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