7 Productivity Hacks to Help Every Business Owner

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7 Productivity Hacks to Help Every Business Owner

If you do work on a computer, ever in your business, then this episode will help you.

Here Brice & Mike share 7 online efficiency secrets and explain how reducing even 1 or 2 clicks each day can speed up your day and make you more productive.

They also discuss the long-term benefits of investing your time into automation platforms to take “future work” away from you, freeing up time for you to do other, more important tasks.

The 7 tips discussed are here:

  1. Optimize your browser with bookmarks
  2. Use different profiles for different things
  3. Get browser extensions to speed up or stop pages from loading for CPU speed
  4. Procrastinate constructively
  5. Eliminate notifications
  6. Use Zapier to automate all routine online tasks that you have
  7. Sync your phone and your computer

Our goal in this episode is to give you the best tips that we’ve found to reduce our repetitive workload and increase the efficiency that we have running our businesses.

See all the links mentioned in the show below:

  1. An interview with the CEO of Zapier
  2. How to sync Google devices
  3. How to sync Apple devices
  4. How to sync Microsoft devices
  5. Learn Google Sheets

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