7 Productivity Hacks to Help Every Business Owner (#17)

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7 Productivity Hacks to Help Every Business Owner (#17)

If you’re a business owner, your ears likely perk up anytime you hear the phrase “productivity hacks.” 

Productivity is super important when it comes to running any type of business. It’s especially important in the online business world when you’re up against a myriad of distractions.

In this episode, Brice & Mike share 7 online efficiency secrets and explain how reducing even 1 or 2 clicks each day can speed up your day and make you more productive.

They also discuss the long-term benefits of investing your time into automation platforms to take “future work” away from you. This frees you up to do other more important time sensitive tasks.

Our goal in this episode is to give you the best tips that we’ve found to reduce our repetitive workload and increase the efficiency that we have running our businesses.

Check out the show notes below to follow along to learn about these important productivity hacks.


  • Optimizing your web browser for easy accessibility to your most visited sites   (3:52)
  • Using different profiles for different types of work you’re doing   (5:50)
  • Taking advantage of browser extensions to maximize CPU speed   (7:07)
  • Knowing how to procrastinate constructively   (12:36)
  • The importance of eliminating notifications   (14:30)
  • Using Zapier to automate all routine online tasks   (16:28)
  • The importance of syncing your phone and your computer   (20:47)



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