Building a Remote SEO Agency from Scratch with Calvin Alden (#16)

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Building a Remote SEO Agency from Scratch with Calvin Alden (#16)

So much of building a remote SEO agency is built around communication. If you can communicate the wins you are building for your clients frequently, it keeps them feeling positive knowing they are getting what they are paying for.”  Calvin Alden

Calvin Alden is the co-founder of Phoenix SEO Lab, a client based SEO company that services over 46 clients to date.

Coming from a background in sales, Calvin and his partner Austin were able to learn SEO on their own time. After the startup phase, they grew their company into the successful marketing agency that it is today.

Brice and Alden chat about the importance of separating sales and operations within a business. They also discuss how communication is so important and how to do that really well through the onboarding process with clients.

Alden offers some great reminders about sales and how sales should always be a top priority in business.

All this and more in this great conversation on building a remote SEO agency from scratch. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Introduction to Calvin and how he got started with online business   (1:42)
  • Where Calvin’s SEO business is at today three years into it   (6:00)
  • Splitting up sales and operations roles in a business for maximum efficiency   (8:02)
  • Calvin’s approach to sales in the digital marketing space   (13:11)
  • The importance of communication and celebrating success in the midst of your onboarding process with clients   (16:17)
  • The challenges of the SEO business world today and what the future might look like   (24:16)




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