Our Favorite Marketing Channels (#11)

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Our Favorite Marketing Channels (#11)

There was once a world where you used to be able to choose ONE marketing channel and you could be super successful with it. These days, that is not the case anymore. Multiple marketing channels is an absolute necessity.” Mike Sebastian

It’s time to talk specifically about digital marketing channels!

Digital marketing is something that has evolved big time over the last decade. Developing a cohesive marketing strategy is trickier and more important than it ever has been.

In this episode, Mike and Brice discuss how to develop a diverse marketing strategy using the channels at your disposal. They also chat about the cost effectiveness of these various channels as well as some tricky challenges to watch out for.

Lots of great content here from experts in the industry. Be sure to check out the show notes below to follow along with this informative conversation.


  • How a cohesive digital media marketing strategy can be super effective   (2:00)
  • Cost break down of digital marketing strategies   (5:45)
  • How SEO and actual content is a key factor with digital marketing channels   (7:01)
  • The challenges of working with printed material   (9:48)
  • How email marketing is so efficient and effective   (11:56)
  • Challenges to watch out for within various marketing channels   (12:45)



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