Taking Your E-commerce Idea to Global Status with PI Yoga Pants (#10)

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Taking Your E-commerce Idea to Global Status with PI Yoga Pants (#10)

“You have to change your mindset about the business as it grows and also anticipate the mindset you’ll need for the business in the future if you keep growing in that direction.” — Larissa Miller

In this week’s episode of the Building It Online podcast, Mike interviews Larissa Miller. Larissa is the founder and owner of PI Yoga Pants – a boutique lounge and yoga pant company out of San Diego that has achieved global status in the ecommerce world. 

PI Yoga Pants seeks to empower women and men of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and in their own yoga pants.

Mike and Larissa chat about all things e-commerce – from the origins and evolution of Larissa’s company to the highs and lows of running a global status ecommerce business in today’s competitive online business space. 

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Overview of PI Yoga Pants Company   (1:01)
  • Origins and evolution of an ecommerce business   (2:56)
  • Transition toward business mindset   (9:04)
  • Philanthropy and business – Sea Turtles   (10:44)
  • How business has scaled since conception   (13:40)
  • What distinguishes PI Yoga pants from other yoga pants?   (15:25)
  • Most challenging parts of running a business today   (18:12)
  • Biggest wins / aha moments in business today   (20:17)
  • Biggest misconceptions   (21:15)
  • What’s your current role in the company today?   (24:13)
  • Advice for starting out in the business world   (27:06)




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