Developing Your Stick-With-It-Ness (#9)

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Developing Your Stick-With-It-Ness (#9)

When you’re trying to figure stuff out, it’s easy to get distracted by the various routes and that will cripple you. What’s way more important is to choose what you are going to do and stick with it long enough until you get traction. Unfortunately, that length of time is often longer than most people’s patience levels.”  Brice Gump

Stick-With-It-Ness! Some people call it grit, but regardless of the name, we’re talking about digging deep and working hard.

One of the biggest reasons people get into business is because of the high that comes from pumping out ideas around making money. To be sure, this process is fun, exciting and energizing.

However, the next step after launching a business venture is the long road of hard work ahead. Obstacles inevitably rise up and it requires a lot of mental energy to work through those in order to keep moving forward.

This episode is all about that sense of drive and determination to push through those challenging moments.

Brice and Mike offer some nuggets on advice on how to persevere through the toughest moments to where you can come out even stronger.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • The temptation to change course in business is a real one and it must be conquered   (0:36)
  • Horror story from Silicon Valley about changing direction   (2:55)
  • Being aware of difficulties and getting comfortable working through them rather than finding something new to pursue   (5:56)
  • The value of committing to a “two year term” to try something   (8:44)
  • The importance of definition what “success” actually means   (10:45)
  • Learning that happens as you stick with it is incredibly valuable   (12:52)



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