Shaking Up the Financial Planning Industry with Sophia Bera (#8)

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Shaking Up the Financial Planning Industry with Sophia Bera (#8)

Just because other people are doing something successfully doesn’t mean you need to do things the exact same way. Don’t be afraid to explore other avenues and figure out what works for you.”  Sophia Bera

Sophia Bera flipped an age-old industry on its head by making a service-based business scalable with a remote team. If you were told by all of your known competitors that running ‘this type of company’ virtually is not possible, would you still try??

Most would not. And therefore, they’ve lost from the start. 

Sophia Bera is different for exactly that. She heard, “That’s impossible…” countless times before she changed who she was talking to and set out to prove the world wrong.

In this episode, Brice sits down with Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning to hear about work-life balance, operating with intent, and how shaking up age-old industry norms is sometimes the best thing you can do with your time! 

Sophia got started in financial planning with the idea of being able to help young people make smart decisions with their money for their future

She wasn’t excited about working at a traditional brokerage and the old school model of how things were done, so she decided to build her company a bit differently.

Today she has more than 100 clients and multiple team members that help her deliver amazing financial support to millennials. 

Her business is also fully remote so she’s been able to grow it from her home base in Austin, TX while traveling abroad.

Our goal in this episode is to show you how you can grow a business, hire a team, and travel across the globe all at the same time. 

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • What is GenY Planning? How Sophia got started in the financial planning world…   (0:53)
  • Sophia’s transition from a traditional financial brokerage to a remote / virtual company   (3:46)
  • Finding the building blocks for a new online financial planning platform   (8:40)
  • Transitioning from a solo entrepreneur to leading a team of people who help deliver a service   (14:13)
  • Why recurring revenue is your best friend in business and how Sophia created it with packages that are easy to say yes to   (21:51)
  • How to stop living life for your 2 or 3 weeks of paid vacation and create a business that supports the life of your dreams   (27:15)
  • Learning how to step away from work in order to recharge so you can bring your best self back to your business   (32:55)




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