The Unusual Success Story Behind Daniel Dayette (#6)

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The Unusual Success Story Behind Daniel Dayette (#6)

I think every entrepreneur needs to learn sales skills. It’s the most important part of your job in the early days and it’s the one thing you can’t outsource until you’ve grown past a certain threshold.”   Daniel Dayette

Daniel Dayette has an incredibly inspiring story about going from sleeping behind a 7-Eleven to running 3 successful businesses! 

Early in Daniel’s life, he was told he had speech disabilities, learning disabilities and signs of schizophrenia. In many ways, the odds were stacked against him and the opportunities for success would be limited.

Incredibly, Daniel found ways to grind through finding a job, taking on more responsibility and eventually found himself in very successful positions.

Mike and Daniel discuss this journey including the low points, the high points and how to climb over the hurdles that get you from one point to the next.

Be sure to tune into this fascinating and inspiring conversation. Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Introduction to Daniel Dayette and what he’s up to in the online business world   (0:58)
  • The obstacles Daniel had to overcome to get his career going   (4:40)
  • How climbing over little hurdles inspires you to take on bigger challenges   (7:37)
  • How business evolves over time and where things are at today   (15:32)
  • The hardest part of the entrepreneurial journey for Daniel   (20:38)
  • Advice for entrepreneurs who are grinding through the early stages of their journey   (23:48)




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