Sell First, Advertise Second (#5)

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Sell First, Advertise Second (#5)

People vote with dollars. A lot of people are willing to give you their feedback, but an ultimate vote and comes down to dollars. That’s why it’s important to sell first.”   Brice Gump

Sales and advertising are a huge part of running any business. Obviously these two things go hand in hand, but it can be tricky when advertising doesn’t always lead to sales.

In this episode, Brice and Mike chat about how selling is the ultimate goal. They discuss the psychological barriers that need to be overcome in order to make a sale and how advertising on its own often isn’t enough. They discuss the role of advertising and how it is often about data collection as much as it is about driving sales.

Lots of great nuggets of information in this episode. Be sure to tune in! Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • A real life example of how selling first and advertising second is crucially important
  • An example from online business of how selling is more important than advertising   (5:01)
  • How easy it is to get data from potential customers online and how to build out advertising from there   (9:01)
  • The psychological barriers you need to overcome in order to actually sell   (11:54)
  • How advertising is often about data collection just as much as it is about sales   (13:52)



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