Entrepreneurship As A Path to Personal Development (#4)

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Entrepreneurship As A Path to Personal Development (#4)

“If you start a business, you are forced to grow into a better version of yourself than you are today in order to have a more successful business.”
Brice Gump

Personal growth and development is one of those things that you HAVE to take seriously when you’re building your own online business.

Entrepreneurship demands figuring things out quickly and committing to constantly improving yourself and your business.

One of the benefits of entrepreneurship is that the mechanism of personal development is often built right in.

In this week’s episode of Building It Online, Brice and Mike discuss the power of personal development and how it plays out in their businesses.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Entrepreneurship demands personal development (0:50)
  • With entrepreneurship, there’s no boss above you to answer your questions (1:46)
  • You don’t get paid to just show up (2:25)
  • Personal development quickly gets recognized by others who surround you (4:18)
  • Brice’s moment of adapting a personal development mindset (5:21)
  • Mike’s moment of adapting a personal development mindset (7:10)
  • Mentorship (8:10)
  • How can you own the process of pursuing personal development?? (12:39)
  • Staying honest and being humble (13:15)
  • Nobody is coming to help you or save you (14:53)
  • Choose how you frame circumstances or experiences (16:15)
  • Everything is devoid of meaning until we give it meaning (17:25)
  • Write things down, practice, reflect on it (18:10)
  • Set goals and know what you’re working toward (20:34)



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