Routines to Help Grow Your Online Business (#2)

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Routines to Help Grow Your Online Business (#2)

“We wake up with a finite amount of time and energy. What you do throughout the day with that time and energy is up to you.”
– Mike Sebastian

Growing and running an online business is incredibly hard work. Keeping up with the demands of todo lists, conference calls, networking and admin duties can sometimes be hectic to the point of wanting to throw in the towel.

How do you maintain PRODUCTIVITY and EFFICIENCY in the midst of all of this?

Productivity and efficiency often comes down to a few principles and practices.

In this week’s episode of Building It Online, Brice and Mike explore a few of these routines and practices to help you maintain the productivity and efficiency that your online business demands.

Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • Exercise / Eating Healthy (5:10)
    • exercise and eating healthy is a game changer for productivity
    • exercise provides movement, mental clarity and a quick sense of accomplishment
    • fueling your body with healthy food helps you perform at your best
  • Getting Up Early / The Morning Routine (1:13)
    • be intentional with the first few hours of your day
    • stretch, exercise, meditate, podcast, shower, healthy breakfast…
    • let early morning intentionality push you toward a productive workday
  • Continual Learning (8:19)
    • taking in new information keeps your mind sharp
    • listen to podcasts, read books, keep up with the news
  • Manage Your Time (10:48)
    • separate planning from doing — plan ahead, then execute
    • time blocking – set aside certain times for certain tasks
    • the power of lists – get things out of your brain and onto a list
    • minimize distraction – no email, no social media, turn off all notifications
    • battery metaphor – allocate your resources wisely
  • Connect with Real People (19:41)
    • connect with real people after working through a screen all day
    • hang around those extra few minutes when networking
    • make a phone call instead of emailing
    • quite often, the best clients come through real conversations



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