Mike Started A SuperPAC (#1)

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Mike Started A SuperPAC (#1)

Every failure is one step closer to knowing what works. That’s such a valuable way to look at things especially when you’re doing things online.”  Brice Gump

Mike has started a SuperPAC and he’s here to talk about it on this first episode of the podcast!

SuperPAC are Super Political Action Committees. SuperPACs gather people around social and political ideas and work for reforming areas of the world that need to be changed.

Mike is super passionate about this and has partnered up with a team to pursue this and make a difference.

In this episode Brice and Mike talk about how this started and where things have gone since things launched.

Be sure to tune into this inspiring conversation! Check out the show notes below to follow along.


  • What is a SuperPAC and why did Mike start one??   (0:49)
  • The uniqueness and benefits of a remote team    (4:51)
  • The day to day operations of running this committee   (6:12)
  • Leveraging social media and ecommerce to build a SuperPAC   (7:50)
  • The power of leveraging personal skills to make a difference in the world   (9:58)
  • How the SuperPAC has grown over time   (12:59)
  • How people can get involved in a SuperPAC   (19:55)



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