$100M in Revenue from Lead & Affiliate Marketing

There are 5 components by which you can segment your audience: Demographic, Firmographic, Geographic, Psycho-graphic, and Behavioral. Eric Beer walks us through how he segments his audiences and powerful ways to use surveys.

Eric has been in digital marketing for over 17 years, starting his company, Universal Marketing Partners in 2008. As the title suggests, he grew it to over $100 million in revenue. Since then he’s worked on his podcast and a slew of other educational resources for marketers.

Eric and Mike could have talked for hours because he has a lot of insight to share. Some key points he brought up are:

  • Creating leads and having a database not only makes your company valuable, but it gives you the power to own your media.
  • Sell to different people differently; segmentation surveys are ideal for this. Track every answer.
  • How to think about arbitraging traffic in a self-liquidating funnel while building your list, which is kind of the name of the game.

Be sure to follow Eric online at EricBeer.com, univmp.com, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, SurveyDetective.io or @ericbeerofficial on Instagram. You can also check out his podcast, Performance Marketer Podcast.

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